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The way we do business this day is changing rapidly if your business or organization do not have a website you could be losing a lot of revenue,a website can transform your services to become a global reach so that anyone can reach you from any part of the world.
Get in touch with us today as we will go with you through the process of setting up one and couch you on the way to make it a top notch.


The world today has entered another gear of service delivery with the introduction of mobile apps, this makes things easy as it comes with great features, no need of going through a web browser and typing website address to visit it. Tap on an icon on your device can launch you to a world of exciting features. We have designed and uploaded so many apps on play store and many others are on the way.


The business world has left the realm of traditional marketing/advertising to being digital, if your business strategy is for low-level nondigital marketing, you will be losing much revenue, because from statistics people spent over 60% of their time online with their phone surfing the net.
Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others are playing a vital role in disseminating information around the globe,


One sure way of driving traffic to your website is when it is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED, some of the website we have today lack this feature as this is the main cause of less traffic to your site, when you come in contact with us, we will put you through on the things you need to know and how your Alexa ranking will keep shooting up.


Do you own a company and want to set up an official mail to all your staff with effective monitoring and security, are you tired of going the hassle of webmail, then worry no more as Glopresc Technologies has come up with a plan to make business easy with their custom email services, you will have to choose the custom email for your self and employee, get in touch now and give that company a boost.


Every web developer need a fast, robust and user friendly web hosting company, there are a lot of them in the market, we have spent a lot of years in this business and have used some, I am in the best position to recommend the best for you, get in touch now as we will gladly point you to the best and reliable host in the market with domain names.


Graphics design has a way of sending unique messages as they make the work finer and more presentable. We will create stunning and mind-blowing graphics design for your satisfaction.


This feature will present anything you are doing to everyone to see anywhere in the world, the world has gradually migrated from being a global village to being a conference table, so don’t be left behind. This video live streaming service will bring your event such as birthday, meetings, wedding, party campaign to the world to see.


Do you need advice, direction, guides on the way to go about your digital learning/ICT knowledge?, Get in touch with us as our season professionals will guide you through any ICT related challenges


We are also qualified to register your company with Corporate affairs commission (CAC)  with no delay, a couple of companies have been registered without delay.

They are always prompt to respond to client and deliver excellent services.

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Everything about your company is great: from quality products and impeccable customer support to various services. Thank you!

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